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Camp Fuck You Die

Apped: November 23, 2005

Dropped: February 24, 2009

Total Comments: 24,852

[IC] farewell

[While Tim's stuff seems to have not been taken out of camp, there has been a distinct reduction in Christmas-colored shadow-stalkers in camp recently. Those who would miss him will all receive a usb flash-drive via moogle containing this following video recording.]

... [sighs]

I really wasn't expecting this... Well, I can't really say I imagined it would go the way I
planned, at this point, but I still hoped... Anyway. Sorry about how sudden this is.

I'm speaking from outside the barrier.

By the time you guys see this I don't think we'll be able to see or hear each other through it. The forest from the direction of camp is already starting to change and I don't think my purplely-inclined
friends here--[gestures to troop of gorillas behind him]-- are too keen on letting me stick around. Unfortunately they're my only way of getting this message back to you guys so I kind of have to cooperate...

I once swore to my team I wouldn't leave without them. Unfortunately I wasn't given as much of a choice as I hoped. The good news is that as far as I'm aware I still have my memories of camp. What I can do now is take advantage of the resources I have--now that I'm hopefully in the right universe again--to see if there's any way to break
in to Camp from the outside. However the time anomaly's going to be a huge hurdle, so don't wait for me; if you're offered an opportunity to leave, take it.

Everyone else... People I may not meet again, people I hope I'll meet again... [pauses, not sure what to say...]


...I'm going to hang on to these memories with everything I've got.

[Says goodbye in the Speech, with shades of meaning implying he's not saying it to just one person and that he fervently hopes to see them again someday.]

[Reaches towards the camera and removes it from where he stuck it. He slowly pans it across the scenery of where he is, in hopes that the visual may be useful to someone stuck in Camp still. Maybe they might be able to decipher something useful from it. Hands the recording device to a gorilla, leaving it on. The feed continues for a while longer as the gorilla travels, but quickly dissolves into snow and static, presumably when the recorder passes through the barrier and it can't detect whatever high-tech component in Tim's belt it needs in order to operate anymore.]

((ooc: I know I promised some people that I would try to thread, but I think it'd be better just to leave it off here. :( well, that's it, folks.))

[PSA] Class Schedule Fall 2008

Time is US CST. Or GMT-5...? None of these include travel time.

Class: 12:30pm - 3:10pm

Class: 11:00am - 12:20pm
Class: 12:30pm - 1:50pm

:/ sob if I weren't such a horrible procrastinator I bet this would be a pretty light workload...

[PSA] stuff

So, school's mostly over. I may have one or two late assignments to complete and a lot of packing to do but I'll probably try to get as much play in as possible before I have to go home on the 11th. None of this is helped by the fact that the powerbox for my dorm like... caught on fire this morning. Woo blackout. Anyway, for people that aren't aware, I'll probably be transferring schools over the summer and other kinds of financial and RL stuff so this is a warning that my internet time probably isn't actually going to improve that much... but at least I'll be less bummed and thus more actual play will happen? Possibly?

;; Anyway, I'M BACK. (Except for the part where I'm typing this from a computer lab in the school, but oh well. I'm sure the power will be back by... uh... tonight, I hope.)

[hiatus] again, some more.

Not like I've been around on any other accounts besides Shinonome, sigh.

Anyway, officially not playing until May 6th except for a crypt post later this week. Other than that don't expect me to play at all, IRC or no.